Museum Speelklok shows robots Chriet Titulaer

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Museum Speelklok is going to exhibit 250 robots from the collection of Chriet Titulaer, who died in 2017. The family of the famous presenter, astronomer and tech enthusiast has loaned the collection of robots to the Utrecht museum.

The robots can be seen in the Robots love Music exhibition, which Museum Speelklok opens on September 21 and will last until March 3, 2019. According to the museum, these are various robots from Titulaer’s personal collection, who collected the human-machines during his life out of personal interest. Titulaer passed away last year.

During the exhibition, the museum will be showing fragments from Wondere Wereld, the technology program from the 1980s, hosted by Titulaer. In addition, at Robots love Music, various other music robots can be seen and heard, including Shimon who improvises on the marimba, a clarinet-playing robot from the 18th century and the automaton Hugo from the film of the same name. During the exhibition there will be several robot events in other Utrecht locations.

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