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Multiple Tools for Facebook – Chrome Extension

Multiple Tools for Facebook is a collection of tools for Facebook.. These tools help users with a few things:
1. Profile Picture Guard: This tool prevent others from stealing Profile Picture.
2. Privacy changer: change the privacy of your messages in bulk on personal Facebook.
3. Interaction Scanner: scan interaction of friends on a personal Facebook wall.
4. Message counter: count messages between you and your friends!
5. Download message history!
6. Friends Remover: remove friends with ease.
7. Check who is online / inactive.
8. Search for and remove deactivated friends.
9. Block the delivery mark so that people do not know if messages are being delivered (if you use the Messenger app on mobile, this may not work).
10. Block “seen” from Facebook chat to prevent others from knowing that you have seen messages.
11. Block the typing indicator when typing a message.
12. Your dashboard: shows you your Facebook analyzes

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