Mud makes portable Cyberdeck inspired by cyberpunk genre

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An artist who calls himself RA has created a so-called Cyberdeck with the Кибердек RA01. That’s a portable computer inspired by the cyberpunk sci-fi genre. The device has a widescreen display and runs on a Raspberry Pi 4.

The Кибердек RA01 runs on a Raspberry Pi 4 and has an 8.8″ screen with a resolution of 1920×480 pixels. The whole is housed in a modified housing of a Commodore C64C and is equipped with a battery and a 40% keyboard. joystick from a Sony PlayStation Portable combined with an Arduino microcontroller provides the mouse input.

In the cyberpunk genre, cyberdecks are used by so-called deckers to invade cyberspace, in order to physically break in or take out enemy robots, for example. RA made such a portable computer that is clearly inspired by this genre. There is a detailed description of the project on a blog.

RA isn’t the first tinkerer to assemble a Cyberdeck. The artist himself also refers to the website, where fans of the genre show their creations.

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