MSI launches small GeForce RTX 2070 Aero ITX video card

MSI is going to release a compact RTX 2070 video card. This is evident from a photo posted online. It is a model in the Aero ITX series, without overclock. The VirtualLink connection is also missing.

MSI hasn’t announced the video card yet, but VideoCardz put a product image online. This shows that the RTX 2070 Aero ITX does not have a VirtualLink connection and that there are no NVLink connectors.

It is by far the smallest RTX 2070 video card yet. No models with one fan had been announced yet. What the dimensions are is not known, but they seem to correspond to, for example, those of the GTX 1070 Aero ITX. That video card is 175mm long and 129mm wide.

As the name indicates, the video card is intended for small itx systems. It is not yet known when the MSI RTX 2070 Aero ITX will be released and what the small video card will cost.