Mozilla will test a decentralized social media platform in 2023

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Mozilla wants to test a decentralized social media platform from early 2023. This platform must become ‘an alternative to the current social media platforms’. It is not yet known when the test will start exactly.

The so-called Fediverse Instance consists of several decentralized social media platforms. The platform must according to Mozilla ‘contributing to the healthy and sustainable growth of the fediverse that not only functions, but also thrives on its own terms, independent of profit- and control-driven tech companies’. The company also states that “an open, decentralized and global social service that puts people’s needs first is not only possible, but also necessary.”

Little is known about what the Fediverse Instance will look like, but Mozilla will first do a test with Mastodon. Mozilla does this deliberately, because of the number of users and the ‘age’ of the decentralized social network. If the first test is successful, the platform will be expanded with other services, such as Matrix.

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