Mozilla Releases Better Web Subscription Service for Ad-Free Websites

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The Mozilla Foundation and subscription service Scroll have jointly released a Firefox Better Web test pilot. This is a paid browser extension that completely blocks ads on certain websites. The proceeds of this go directly to the publishers.

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Mozilla works with Scroll. This is a subscription service that prevents ads from loading on certain websites. This includes The Verge, Vox, Gizmodo, Kotaku and Polygon. Proceeds from the subscriptions are paid directly to the publishers in the Scroll network, so users can support their favorite websites without seeing ads. Mozilla stated in 2019 that publishers can convert up to 40 percent more in this way than by showing advertisements.

The browser extension combines Scroll’s service with a modified version of Mozilla’s protection against tracking, cryptominers and fingerprinting, giving users more privacy and better performance in the web browser, according to the company. Mozilla reports that the extension also works if users have an ad blocker installed. The service does not provide access to articles placed behind a paywall.

The Firefox Better Web extension is currently only available as a trial version in the United States. Scroll and Mozilla offer a free two-day trial period there. After this trial period, subscription fees will be charged. Currently, a subscription costs $2.50 per month. In six months, this rate will be increased to $5.

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