Mozilla Just Launched A Brand New App For Android

Many of you may have heard and even used it, WeTransfer, it is a file sending service that allows you to easily send any type of document for free to everyone by just their e-mail. enter mail.

Now, the well-known organization, Mozilla Foundation, of course, it is the creator of the well-known Firefox browser, has recently launched a similar service called Firefox Send. First, it could only be used in desktop systems, but previously they promised an Android application and in fact, they have now fulfilled their promise.

As the well-known and new service from Mozilla, of course, I’m talking about none other than the Firefox Send is officially implemented in the Google Play Store, although it still appears as “unpublished”, which means that it is a beta version that is still in the test phase.

However, once a user has access to it and can use it for their needs, we will see what it offers and how it is used. In principle, non-registered users can send a maximum of 1 GB of files completely free of charge.

But if you want to increase the size to a maximum of 2.5 GB, let me clarify that you must register with the Firefox account. If you do not have this, you can make it for free via this link . It is an interesting move from the company, because the well-known comparable service, of course, WeTransfer, that we can consider the direct rival, which offers free 2GB usage.

Because the operation of the app is quite simple, just like the web version, because you simply have to click on the blue “+” button and select the files you want to send. When you have them all, you can easily configure the link to expire after one to 100 downloads and five minutes, one hour, one day or one week.

In that sense, it is much more customizable than WeTransfer. Just like when uploading the file, a link appears that you must copy and send to the contact to whom you want to receive the files or make them available.

Moreover, the most interesting thing is that the all-new Android app is, of course,Firefox Send is a free tool that you can download from the Google Play Store. But you have to keep one thing in mind that we are talking about a version that is currently in the testing phase, so you may be faced with errors.