Mozilla is working on Firefox service for logging in with any email address

Mozilla is developing a service that will allow users to create random, anonymous email addresses to register with web services. Mozilla then automatically forwards emails to users’ real email addresses.

The function is called Private Relay, according to the Mozilla site. With the push of a button, the software creates an e-mail address for only that person and on that site, after which Relay forwards all e-mails. This prevents users from having to use their own email address for all kinds of services, which can then be released in the event of a data breach. The code for the service is on GitHub. The service works with Python 3.7 and a SocketLabs server.

The service works as an add-on within the Firefox browser, but is currently in closed beta. The beta should open at a later date. The service is reminiscent of Sign In With Apple, where Apple creates an anonymized email address for users and forwards emails.