Motorola wearables licensee shows Moto Watch 100

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Canada’s CE Brands, which has a license to use the Motorola brand name on wearables, will make the Watch 100 in November. That round watch must be relatively cheap, the manufacturer says.

CE Brands shows its roadmap for the near future in a presentation for investors. The release of the round Watch 100 is then scheduled for November, while a square clock will follow early next year under the name Watch 200. CE Brands used Google’s Wear OS operating system on last year’s Moto 360. It is not stated whether this is also the case for these watches. It seems not. Where the company put OS prominently on the box with the Moto 360 Wear, that mention is now missing.

The Moto Watch 100 was still on a previous roadmap as a Moto G Smartwatch and would be ready for release last summer. That didn’t happen. Mass production of the watch will begin in November, although a release date has not been announced.

The FCC inspection body has now approved the watch. This shows that the housing is made of aluminum and is water resistant and can withstand pressure up to five meters under water. The clock also has support for GPS. The battery has a capacity of 355mAh.

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