Most Common Android Problems With Their Solutions

In this article we are gong to tell you about some Most common Android problems and their solutions.

Battery Drain

In the case of fast battery drain use DU Battery Saver & Fast Charge. This will help to save battery and fast charging.

Freeze Android Phone and Slow Speed

In the case of Freeze Android Phone and Slow Speed, uninstall unused apps, and Delete Big files from Memory Card.  Use Clean Master

Wifi not connecting

If Wifi is not connecting in your phone then restart your android phone or enable airplane mode in an android phone for at least 1 minute. Try again to connect Wifi.

Syncing Error with Google

You need to Check your account password if you had recently changed it, then you need to update it with the new password. If the problem still pursues then Enable Airplane mode for 30 seconds and try again. If the problem persists then remove your Google account and add it again.

Forget the Android Unlock Pattern

If you forget the pattern lock of your Android phone You can try How to Unlock Android Pattern Without Losing Any Data.

Keyboard doesn’t work

You can use another keyboard app to solve this problem.

Turn Off Sreen When Charging

Go to Settings / Applications / Development and tick the ‘Stay awake’ option to keep the screen on when charging.

Your Phone can’t connect to Your PC (For transferring data)

You can use the Airdroid app wirelessly transfer data to the Android phone on a laptop. Airdroid helps you to transfer data from PC to mobile and mobile to PC. If your USB or USB port in your PC doesn’t support each other, then you face such an error.

Google Play Errors

If you can not download android apps, try this:

  • Remove and add your Google Account.
  • Clear the data and Cache of Google Play Store and Services.
  • If the problem still pursues, then you need to head over Google Play store in “Apps” and then select the option of “Uninstall updates.”

Games not working

If your game is not compatible with your phone then it will not work. If your phone does not have sufficient ram, it will stop working. Use Clean master for boosting Android games.

Insufficient Space Error

Install CCleaner on your Android device to free up some storage.

WiFi Disconnects Frequently

To solve this type of problem try Settings > WiFi > Advanced > and then select “Keep WiFi on During Sleep” to “Always.”

How To Stop Android Phone Using Data When Abroad?

The APNDroid third-party app allows you to turn off all data connections via a widget on the home screen. The app actually helps to change these settings much quicker than using the standard Android settings screen.

SD card is not recognized?

If your phone does not recognize an SD card then it might be corrupt. Format it on a desktop and use it again on mobile.

The display is difficult to see in bright sunlight

Use an ‘anti-glare’ screen protector to overcome this problem.

Android Using Too Much Data

With “Data Usage” you can quickly set a limit to your data usage. Once the limit is crossed your Android will turn off the “Mobile Data” or WiFi. You need to open Settings > Data Usage > Set Mobile Data Limit.

Keyboard Difficult to use

The default Android keyboard is a little difficult to use. You can install other keyboards from the Google Play store. Google’s Gboard is a smart option

Apps Won’t install on SD card

Go to settings> Apps and then choose the option “Move To SD Card.” If the option is not available, then you can’t move it!

Can’t download Every App from the Google Play Store

If you can not download or install a specific app from the Google Play Store, it’s due to the courntry restriction imposed by the developer of the app. You can use VPN to overcome this problem. Another possible reason is that your mobile phone is not meet requirements to use the app.

Touchscreen isn’t accurate anymore?

If you are having problems while hitting the right spot on your android screen, you can try a soft reset, hard reset, etc. If problem persist, it will possibly be due to damaged screen. You need to go to a mobile repair shop.