More peace thanks to Silent Notifications in iOS 12

Is your access screen also full of reports of various plume? Do you not see the forest through the trees anymore? Apple helps you to create order in the chaos. iOS 12 offers silent notifications.

You can only see silent notifications in the Message Center. On the access screen you can not see them, and beeps, bleeps and vibrations are omitted. You have to indicate per app whether a report should be silent or not. That is a bit of work, but it saves a lot. This is how it works.

Activate silent notifications iOS 12

Do you get a notification of an app that you want to keep silent? Then follow the next steps:

  • Swipe the message to the left.
  • Three options appear: tap on ‘Management’
  • Select ‘Deliver silent’

Silent messages will then only appear in the Message Center. They are not forced on you, but if you still want to see them, you can still find them super fast. If you do not want to see them at all, tap on ‘Turn off’.