Modular Framework laptop is coming to Europe before the end of this year

The American company Framework has started taking preorders for its modular 13.5 “laptop. For now, this is only possible in the United States, but the laptop should also be on sale in Europe before the end of the year.

In the US, prices for a full configuration start at $ 999 and a DIY version is available for $ 749. With the cheaper version, users have to add memory, storage, WiFi card and an operating system themselves. The first copies will be delivered at the end of July.

According to Framework mass production is now getting underway, but this is made more difficult by the worldwide chip shortages. The number of available laptops will therefore be limited. The manufacturer does not state numbers. Due to shortages, the preorders are limited available. Orders will be reopened when more laptops are available.

In the coming weeks, Framework will also enable orders in Canada and ‘before the end of the year’ that should also be possible in Asia and Europe. The company has not announced European awards yet.

Framework announced its modular and easy-to-repair 13.5 “laptop at the end of February. Virtually all parts of the laptop can be replaced, including the screen, battery, keyboard and motherboard. Framework also creates modules that allow users to connect various ports. the laptop can change and there are also modules with extra SSD storage.

The Framework laptop comes with Intel Tiger Lake-U processors, up to 64GB DDR4 memory, and NVMe SSDs up to 4TB. The 13.5 “screen has a resolution of 2256×1504 pixels, shows one hundred percent of the sRGB color space and has a brightness of 400cd / m². Above the screen is a 1080p webcam with sliders to switch off the microphone or camera.