Mitsubishi gets 27Gbit / s with 5g test on 28GHz band with mobile antenna terminal

Mitsubishi Electric and the Japanese telecom provider NTT Docomo report that they have achieved a speed of 27Gbit / s over a 5g connection at 28MHz during a 5g test in the open air. According to the companies, this is a record speed for the use of mobile terminals.

For the test of Mitsubishi Electric and NTT Docomo a van was used, whereby a mobile terminal with antennas was placed on the roof. While this van drove past a base station placed at a distance of ten meters, a speed of 27Gbit / s was registered. That was 25Gbit / s if the distance was 100 meters.

These speeds became possible through the use of a 16×16 MiMo transmission and a 500MHz bandwidth, using the 28GHz band. The test system also used beamforming, a technique in which the transmission tower and the receiving device first search each other.

According to Mitsubishi and NTT Docomo, a major Japanese provider, this speed is a record for the applied urban conditions. At the end of last year, Ericsson together with Telecom Italia reached an download speed of 23.4Gbit / s during an urban test. At that time, according to the two companies, this was a record for the 28GHz band used in an urban context.

The 28GHz band will be one of the frequencies that 5G connections use. The advantage of this frequency is a relatively high theoretical throughput, although signals with this high frequency do not have a large range.


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