Minecraft will require Microsoft account from next year

Microsoft requires a Microsoft account to be able to play Minecraft from next year. Until now, players were able to log in with an account of the original developer Mojang, but that option will disappear.

New players of the Java Edition for Windows will be required to use Microsoft accounts starting this fall, while existing players will be required to use Microsoft accounts from the first months of next year, Mojang said. Players who do not transfer will not be able to log in after a while. The company says it helps players with the step by sending instructions and providing a cape for use within the game as a reward after logging in for the first time.

The developer points out several advantages of the switch, such as the option for two-factor authentication and the option to set up parental controls via a Microsoft account. Users can also link multiple Minecraft games to the account, including Minecraft Dungeons. Microsoft acquired Mojang in 2014.