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Minecraft gets crossplay support on PlayStation 4

Owners of Minecraft on PlayStation 4 will get the latest version of the game on Tuesday, called the Bedrock edition. That means that PS4 players now have the opportunity to play cross.

Kelsey Howard from developer and Xbox Game Studios component Mojang that this Bedrock version offers a ‘uniform experience’ of the game compared to the current PS4 version of Minecraft, which is the same on all consoles. That means that with their PlayStation 4, Minecraft players can now also play with players who have the game on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows and mobile devices. PS4 players now also have access to the Minecraft marketplace.

A Microsoft spokesperson that PS4 players do need a free Microsoft or Xbox account to play the Bedrock version of Minecraft on PlayStation 4. A monthly paid subscription such as Xbox Live Gold is not required. The spokesperson says that it had been a while with Sony to also release this version for the PlayStation 4.

The download that updates the PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft to the Bedrock version is completely free and will be installed automatically from Tuesday when players start the game. The Bedrock version also becomes a separate client, so that players can also start the old PlayStation 4 version.

More than two years ago the crossplay update was already released for Windows 10, iOS, the Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch and Minecraft VR. The PlayStation 4 was missing in that list, because Sony insisted on blocking crossplay between different platforms for a long time.

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