Minecraft Dungeons gets cross-play and higher levels of difficulty

Minecraft Dungeons, Minecraft’s Diablo-esque spin-off, is getting cross-play. The game is available on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and Windows. There will also be around 20 new levels of difficulty for players who are already masters of the game. The game can be played with a total of four players, making cross-play effective for filling parties. This update should be released in November and developer Mojang doesn’t charge anything for it. The feature demonstration shows that all four platforms are supported, something that was not obvious not long ago, with cross-play also coming in new levels of difficulty in December. Where Apocalypse VII is still the most difficult now, it will soon be Apocalypse XXVII, or 27. So twenty new degrees will be added, which will make players and enemies stronger, but also new enchantments and items will be added. A common complaint in reviews is that the game is too easy. In addition, a new dlc will follow in December, called Howling Peaks. There will be a season pass and Minecraft itself will also get some new content. The Caves & Cliffs update adds caves as well as a system of archeology. All this and more was revealed during Mojang’s own Minecraft Live 2020 stream.