Miele is working with Microsoft on smart kitchen appliances

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Miele, together with Microsoft, created a concept for kitchen appliances that work together with mobile devices and internet services. In the concept, an oven was set up based on the recipe that a user selects on a site.

With Miele’s proof-of-concept, users can select recipes on a site, after which not only the steps that the user must take for preparation are taken on a smartphone or tablet, but also the oven automatically programmed. The oven is set to the correct position, the temperature is determined automatically, the times are set and the other settings are no longer done manually.

The oven was previously connected to Microsoft’s Azure cloud service. The companies emphasize that this is a study and not products that are ready for market introduction, but they state that it is an example of how to deploy Internet-of-things and cloud services not only for enterprise but also for consumer applications. are. Miele and Microsoft are trying to set up more such projects with Internet services.

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