Microsoft: Xbox Cloud Gaming has lower input lag on iPhone and iPad

Microsoft has made some improvements to Xbox Cloud Gaming for iOS devices. The company has now made it clear that one of the adjustments should lead to a lower input lag for users.

Microsoft has provided some more details to Engadget, among others, about the recently implemented improvements for Xbox Cloud Gaming. The company says it has optimized video output and network data transmission on iOS devices. Microsoft also claims to have found a way to limit the overall input lag, although it is not clear to what extent the input lag will decrease for users.

Microsoft recently announced performance improvements for the iPhone and iPad that have been made in recent weeks, but the company did not provide further details at the time. It was just said that players could expect a smoother and more responsive gaming experience. According to Microsoft, the initial feedback showed that the experience has actually improved. There would be a significant increase in positive feedback and players would play 35 percent longer.

In June last year, Microsoft made its cloud gaming service widely available to both iOS and PC users. The iOS version only works through Apple Safari. That’s because of Apple’s policy on game streaming apps. As a result, there is no separate iOS app for Xbox Cloud Gaming and players must use Safari. As a result, the performance on iOS has been somewhat disappointing compared to the performance of the cloud gaming service on other platforms.