Microsoft will incorporate generative AI into Microsoft 365 office applications

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Microsoft will incorporate GPT4-powered AI into its Microsoft 365 applications. The apps can produce AI-generated emails, documents, presentations, and more. There will also be a business counterpart to Bing Chat, called Business Chat.

Microsoft gives examples of what the AI, called Microsoft 365 Copilot, can do in its various apps. In Word, it can write, edit and summarize. For example, users can ask the Copilot to write a text based on data from other MS365 apps. He can also provide texts with a different tone.

In Excel, for example, it can point out correlations, suggest formulas, create visualizations of data, and create projections. In PowerPoint, it can create, trim and customize presentations. Outlook summarizes multiple emails and composes new emails. Teams is supplemented with summaries of meetings and answering questions about conversations that have taken place. Microsoft provides more examples of the proposed applications in his blog post. Its presentation took place during Microsofts The Future of Work With AI presentation.

Business Chat is presented as an umbrella assistant. It can create summaries based on data from multiple MS365 apps, but also answer questions about upcoming milestones, identify risks in projects and suggest solutions. Finally, in Microsoft Viva, a kind of communication platform for remote work, executives can create posts using the AI. It equips leaders with insightful conversation starters based on sentiments and trending topics in workplace communities and conversations. The Copilot can provide suggestions here to make posts from executives more “personal”.

Microsoft 365 Copilot is currently being tested with 20 customers, eight of which are the Fortune 500, the largest companies in the US. “In the coming months” Copilot and Business Chat should come to more customers, but Microsoft is not releasing more about the release yet. It also gives no further information about the price. Microsoft also has what it is microsite calls, set up for this news. The news follows shortly on the heels of the same announcement from Google, which will incorporate such features into Google Docs and Gmail.

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