Microsoft wants to extend Xbox Live functionality to Android and iOS

Microsoft is said to have plans to expand its Xbox Live service to Android and iOS. The company would like to create a cross-platform open source framework that can be used by developers on Windows, Windows Phone, Android and iOS.

The new, but unannounced, software should make it easier for game developers to integrate Microsoft’s Xbox Live service into games, The Verge reports. The new developer framework would be open source and impose less restrictions on game makers than current Xbox Live developer tools. It is still unclear when Xbox Live support will come out for Android and iOS. According to The Verge, an announcement should follow shortly.

By supporting Android and iOS in addition to Windows’ native operating systems, it will probably be possible to exchange things like achievements and friend lists and play games against each other cross-platform. Microsoft already hinted at its plans for Xbox Live through a recent vacancy that appeared on its website. In it, the company also says that it wants to “win back” game developers.

Google and Apple already support games for their mobile operating systems. For example, Android has its own game service with Play Games where achievements can be drawn up, while Apple has a similar service with Game Center.