“Microsoft wants competing AI tools to stop using Bing data”

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Microsoft reportedly wants competing search engines to stop using Bing’s search data for their own AI tools. Bloomberg reports this based on conversations with insiders. DuckDuckGo, among others, has a license for that data.

Microsoft has according to Bloomberg threatened to block access to the Bing search index if the rival search engines don’t stop using that data as the basis for their own AI products. According to the tech giant, this is in violation of the license contract. Microsoft is said to have accused at least two parties of breach of contract, but which they are is not known.

Search engines Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, You, and Neeva, among others, license Bing data for some of their information, as indexing the entire Internet is very costly. Microsoft’s search index is a kind of map of the Internet that can be scanned in real time. The last three search engines have all recently released an AI tool.

Google and Microsoft are the only two companies that have independently indexed the entire Internet. Google does not license the use of its search index, which means that all other search engines rely on Bing.

DuckDuckGo’s AI tool, DuckAssist

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