Microsoft updates Skype with Large Grid Mode and Together Mode

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Microsoft is releasing Skype version 8.67 with several new features including a Large Grid Mode and Together Mode. On Android, the video calling service will receive support for Chat Bubbles and priority calls, among other things.

On Windows, Mac, Linux and in the Skype web application, users with the latest version can place participants in a Skype call via Together Mode in a virtual room. This feature was previously available in Microsoft Teams. Another feature that came over from Teams is Large Grid Mode. In this mode, users of a group call can view each other’s video stream in real time on an uncluttered virtual grid. With version number 8.67 of the Skype app, Microsoft also makes it possible to invite participants via their phone number and any user with Windows 10 version 20H2 can invite a contact to a video call with one click.

In addition, Microsoft provides version 8.67 of the Skype Android app with support for Chat Bubbles, Priority Conversations, and Conversation Space. Via Chat Bubbles, users can choose to always see ‘bubbles’ on their screen so that they can quickly reopen the app. The feature is similar to Chat Heads that Facebook Messenger introduced a few years ago and has since been built into the Android operating system. With Priority Conversations, important conversations can be indicated in the app and with Conversation Space users can also chat with each other during video calling. The latest version of the Skype app for Android is also available for Amazon Fire tablets.

Microsoft says it has fixed some issues with this new version of Skype. For example, the program no longer prevents Mac computers from entering automatic sleep mode, video streams in chat no longer block and a Javascript error message on Windows Servers would be resolved.

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