Microsoft tests Xbox Series X interface with 4k resolution

Microsoft has started testing the Xbox Series X dashboard at 4k resolution. Currently, the interface is still displayed at 1080p resolution. The 4k interface is expected to roll out to all Xbox Series X users later this year.

Microsoft will begin testing in the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring for Xbox, where the 4k dashboard will be rolled out to participants starting Monday. According to the company, the update will allow ‘Home’, ‘Guide’, and other parts of the interface to be displayed at a higher native resolution for better text sharpness and readability when the Series X is connected to a 4k display. .

Until now, the Xbox Series X interface was displayed at a resolution of up to 1920×1080 pixels. It is not yet known whether the interface will also receive support for HDR. Nor does Microsoft mention a higher-resolution interface for the Xbox Series S; that console does support a 4k output.

A few weeks ago, Microsoft also started testing a night mode for Xbox consoles. That mode can, among other things, dim the screen brightness, controller LEDs and the power button of the console, and automatically turn off HDR.

Image via Microsoft