Microsoft tests sidebar with speedtest and Microsoft 365 actions in Edge Canary

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Microsoft is testing a sidebar with quick access to various features in its latest Canary version of Edge. The browser offers, among other things, access to an internet speed test, games and various Microsoft 365 promotions.

The bar is located to the right of the browser window and contains colored small icons for the various functions. For the time being, this concerns five applications. Internet Speed ​​Test allows users to measure their download and upload speeds and ping times, Rewards shows progress with Microsoft Rewards based on activity, and Games shows an overview of MSN Games.

There is also a button for Discover, which allows users to request more information about an open site. Finally, there are Microsoft 365 Quick Actions, which allow users to open new documents for Microsoft 365 apps such as Word and Excel.

Benjamin Mathis shows screenshots of the new sidebar† It seems to be an a/b test because not every user of the latest Edge Canary will see this by default. Another user, Bob Doyle, reports that the sidebar can be activated via the settings under Appearance, where the colored icons can be switched on and off separately.

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