Microsoft supports twelve organizations that make cheap internet available

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Microsoft has announced which organizations will receive grants as part of its Affordable Access initiative. With this program, the company wants to ensure that affordable Internet access becomes more available in various countries.

The twelve organizations will receive between 70,000 and 150,000 dollars to achieve their goals. In addition, they can use the BizSpark tools, which Microsoft usually makes available to start-ups. This includes access to free software, services and support, according to Microsoft. In addition, the organizations can gain knowledge in a worldwide network of social enterprises.

The programs take place in eleven countries, including Argentina, Botswana, India, Nigeria and Uganda. For example, the Argentinian organization is focusing on developing an app that farmers can use to monitor their cows remotely. This app is supported by machine learning and artificial intelligence. In India, another organization facilitates broadband internet via Wi-Fi in rural areas for 100,000 people, and in Rwanda another company is setting up mobile kiosks, where users can charge their phones and establish a data connection, for example.

Microsoft is not the only company committed to these goals. For example, Facebook plans to provide internet in developing countries with the help of drones and to provide Africa with broadband internet with satellites. It also offers its controversial Free Basics program in several countries, which allows users to connect to a limited number of sites, including Facebook. Google is also working on similar projects, for example to provide the capital of Uganda with fiber optics.

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