Microsoft stops Office Android apps on Chrome OS and refers to web apps

Microsoft will stop the Office Android apps on Chromebooks from September 18. Users will then have to move to the web versions of Office software and Outlook. A Microsoft account is required for this.

Microsoft confirms it will stop with the Android apps in a statement to About Chromebooks. Users have already received see notifications in their apps that Microsoft would pull the plug on the software, but details were unclear. The company also mentions a specific date: September 18. It is a striking change of course because Microsoft has kept up with the apps until now.

After September 18, Microsoft’s Android applications can no longer be used on Chrome OS. From then on, users will have to go to and “This transition gives Chrome OS users access to new and premium features,” Microsoft said. To use the web apps, users must sign in with their Microsoft account or an account associated with a Microsoft 365 subscription.