‘Microsoft still shows secret kiosk app in video’

Microsoft shows a glimpse of what a Windows 8 kiosk app would be in a video. Information about the app, in which users could buy books, magazines and comics, came out thanks to a vacancy text.

The video, which Microsoft put online in early November last year, about working at Microsoft, shows a presentation of an app in which users can buy a magazine at about 40 seconds, Econnected noted on Monday after the Chinese-language site LiveSino found a vacancy text. in which Microsoft talks about the app.

At the moment, Microsoft makes apps like Xbox Music and Xbox Video that do something similar for songs and movies, but such a service for reading materials is missing in Windows 8. There is an app to view PDFs, among other things, under the name Reader. .

It is unclear when Microsoft will make the app and service available. If there are still vacancies in the team that has to create the service, that does not indicate a quick introduction. Apple has had a newsstand app for some time under the name Newsstand, while Google offers reading material on Android with Play Books and Play Magazines.