Microsoft shows mock-ups of Windows 10 menus with new interface

Microsoft has posted mock-ups on GitHub of what menus in Windows 10 will look like after a major interface update coming up. The menus show rounded corners, instead of the angular menus of the current Windows 10 versions.

GitHub, a site owned by Microsoft for several years, shows mock-ups of context menus and the interface for choosing a date and time. These show that it is an interface with more rounded corners in menus and in selections. Microsoft previously said it was working on changes to the interface of Windows 10. They should come out with a major feature update next fall.

With this, the design seems to return more to that of Windows Vista and Windows 7, notes Windows Latest. The new interface should be seen in Insider builds for the first time in the coming months. Microsoft releases those Insider builds to allow users to test new features and interfaces for upcoming versions of Windows. For example, the biggest errors have to be fixed before the version is finally released.