Microsoft shows improvements in Continuum function

Microsoft showcased new capabilities for Continuum at the Ignite conference. The function, with which a smartphone can serve as a computer, will receive support for multitasking and connecting wirelessly to a dock, among other things.

To use Continuum, the user will no longer have to reach for his phone, Microsoft says. The phone will notice that there is a wireless docking station nearby and connect to it automatically. When working in the desktop environment, the phone screen no longer needs to be constantly on. When the desktop is not used for a while, but the phone is used, the computer screen will turn off automatically after a while.

The desktop environment has been brought more in line with the computer version of Windows 10. For example, Continuum now supports windows, so not all open apps need to be run in full screen. It will also be possible to show different apps at the same time and to distribute them on the screen in the same way as on the computer.

Other additions for Continuum are also shown. For example, there will be the possibility to pin apps to the start bar, the desktop environment can have a different start menu layout than the phone and search can be done by pressing the Windows key and typing. Finally, the appearance of the notification center is brought more in line with the computer version.

Microsoft has not announced when the improvements will be available, but Windows Central believes it will come with the Redstone 2 update. It is expected in early 2017.