Microsoft shows controls on second screen Surface Duo after Xbox app update

The Microsoft Xbox Game Pass app for Android, which allows users to stream games, shows controls on the second screen after an update. It is the first time that the app has been optimized for Microsoft’s own Android smartphone.

The update is in the Play Store with date May 18, but according to The Verge the update has just been released. The Surface Duo shows the game image on the top screen after the update, while the controls are on the bottom screen. According to the site, the layout should be reminiscent of a Nintendo DS handheld.

The feature works with the 50 games on the platform that support touchscreen input. Many games only work with a regular controller connected via Bluetooth. In addition to showing controls on the second screen, the app’s interface has now also been adapted to Microsoft’s own phone. The Surface Duo was released in the US last year.

Surface Duo with Xbox app. Photo: The Verge