Microsoft Shortens Xbox Series X and S Startup Time for Xbox Insiders

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Microsoft has reduced the boot time of the Xbox Series X and S by about five seconds. For this, the company uses a shorter startup animation. The faster boot time is currently only available to Xbox Insiders using power-saving mode.

Xbox Series X

John Munsee, Marketing Director at Xbox, confirms the change. According to him, the startup animation has gone from about nine seconds to four seconds, resulting in a five-second faster console startup time. It is unknown when the faster boot time will be available to all current-generation Xbox owners.

The faster boot times are only available if Xbox Series X or S owners have set the console’s power-saving mode. This completely shuts down the console instead of putting it into standby. Earlier this year, Microsoft already made power saving mode the default option for new Xbox consoles. It also became possible to download updates in this mode.

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