Microsoft renames Azure Active Directory to Microsoft Entra ID

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Microsoft will rename Azure Active Directory to Microsoft Entra ID this year, the company announced. Apart from the name change, the services and subscriptions remain unchanged, according to the tech giant.

Microsoft reports in a blog post that Azure AD will be added to the Microsoft Entra brand under the name Microsoft Entra ID. This means that the service and the various Azure AD subscriptions will all be given a new name. The services remain unchanged, the tech giant reports. The transition should be completed by the end of this year. That happens automatically; According to Microsoft, users do not need to take any action.

Azure Active Directory is the identity and access management service of Microsoft 365. This allows companies, for example, to give their employees individual access to the Azure portal and Microsoft 365 services such as Word and PowerPoint.

Microsoft Entra also gets two new features, says the tech giant. Entra Internet Access is a secure web gateway that allows customers to secure employees’ internet traffic. The other feature, Entra Private Access, is a VPN-like service that gives employees secure access to a company’s private apps.

Source: Microsoft

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