Microsoft releases an update for SwiftKey on iOS again after a year

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SwiftKey for iOS has received an update for the first time in over a year. It only concerns a few bug fixes, but that Microsoft is still working on the app and giving a sign of life is striking.

Microsoft manager Vishnu Nath writes on Twitter that SwiftKey has been updated to version 2.9.4. The changelog only states that bug fixes and performance improvements have been made without giving further details. According to Nath, this includes problems logging in with a Microsoft account that have now been fixed.

Although the app update is not spectacular, it is noticeable that the app is still being updated. Microsoft acquired SwiftKey in 2016, but then regularly changed its mind about what it wanted to do with the app. In September, Microsoft said it would remove the app from the iOS App Store and no longer provide active support. A few weeks ago, however, the company said it wanted to make the app available again in Apple’s app store. In the meantime, SwiftKey has not had any active updates for over a year. Known bugs were therefore not fixed.

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