Microsoft patent shows liquid hinge for folding screen device apparaat

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A Microsoft patent shows a hinge for a foldable device with an OLED screen that uses liquid. This should strengthen the construction and ensure that no clutter gets in.

The Microsoft patent, noted by WindowsUnited, contains detailed descriptions and drawings of hinges for folding screen devices. A variant is described in which liquid is contained in the hollow spaces that arise when the hinge is bent. The liquid can be, for example, oil.

The patent does not describe a complete device, it is only about hinges for screens. It is not known whether Microsoft will actually apply the technology, but the patent indicates that the company is researching new ways to improve hinges.

The patent is in the name of Microsoft Technology Licensing, which could indicate that the company plans to license the technology to other companies. According to The Verge, Microsoft has done just that with patents it holds on hinges on current Surface devices, such as the Surface Pro.

On October 2, Microsoft is rumored to show a foldable device. However, this concerns a product with two screens instead of one folding OLED screen. This foldable Surface device is expected to run on a lightweight version of Windows 10, internally called Windows Lite. Microsoft would work closely with Intel and other OEMs for this.

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