Microsoft: Over 20 Million People Have Used Xbox Cloud Gaming

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More than 20 million people have now used Xbox Cloud Gaming. That’s double the number of people Microsoft mentioned earlier this year. Microsoft’s Xbox branch delivered the company three percent less turnover compared to last year.

The Xbox branch saw growth on all platforms, but especially on non-console platforms, more users were added, says CEO Satya Nadella in his statement on the quarterly figures. He specifically names Xbox Cloud Gaming and PC Game Pass subscribers. Over twenty million people have now used the game streaming service; that’s double the number Nadella mentioned in April.

Cloud Gaming is part of Ultimate, the most expensive Xbox Game Pass subscription, although Fortnite can also be played as a cloud game without a subscription. That most expensive plan also gives users access to PC games that players can download and play locally. This is also possible with the separate PC Game Pass subscription, which according to Nadella has 159 percent more subscribers compared to last year.

Despite the increase in the number of users and subscribers to these two services, Xbox content and services in the past quarter three percent less turnover than a year earlier. Microsoft’s overall revenue grew 11 percent in the quarter to $50.1 billion. Net profit is $17.6 billion, 14 percent less than a year earlier.

Microsoft’s Cloud business grew strongly, by 24 percent to $25.7 billion. This includes services such as Azure, which saw the number of Arc customers double in a year to more than 8500 subscribers. Arc is primarily intended for large enterprises that, for example, want to run Azure services on multiple cloud environments.

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