Microsoft: No concrete plans for Cortana on iOS and Android

A Microsoft employee has indicated that there are no immediate plans to bring Cortana to Android and iOS. For now, Microsoft will only focus on its Windows Phone operating system.

Which said Marcus Ash, who works at Microsoft as Group Program Manager for Cortana, on Twitter. According to Ash, Microsoft is currently only looking at its own Windows Phone for the development of Cortana. Only after the company is satisfied with the voice service on the mobile operating system is it considered a release for Windows.

Development for operating systems from other companies, such as Android and iOS, only comes into play after that, says Ash. However, there are currently no concrete plans to actually release Cortana for these mobile operating systems. With this, Ash nuances previous statements he made: he indicated during a conference in Seattle that Microsoft is discussing a version of Cortana for the mobile operating systems of Google and Apple.

Cortana is Microsoft’s voice service that competes with Apple’s Siri and Google’s Now. The software was announced at the same time as Windows Phone 8.1 and is part of the mobile operating system that will be released as an update this summer for Windows Phone owners.