Microsoft makes OpenAI Service on Azure widely available and adds ChatGPT

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Microsoft is making its OpenAI Service on Azure generally available to more users. In the future, companies and developers who join and after GPT-3, Codex and Dall-E 2 will also be able to use OpenAI’s ChatGPT in the cloud service.

Microsoft writes in a blog post that Azure OpenAI can now be used by everyone. So there is no longer a waiting list for the service, which started in November 2021. OpenAI is a platform within the Azure cloud service on which developers can use different types of artificial intelligence models such as GPT-3. Microsoft’s own CoPilot also runs on Azure OpenAI.

Although OpenAI’s now well-known ChatGPT is largely trained in Azure, that AI model is not available in Azure OpenAI. That will happen in the future says Satya Nadella. That will come ‘soon’, but the Microsoft CEO does not mention a specific date. Furthermore, neither the CEO nor the company itself say anything about the alleged ten billion dollar investment that Microsoft would like to make in OpenAI.

OpenAI Service will now also be available without the need for an invite, but companies must meet certain standards before they can sign up. Microsoft writes that companies must request access and explain what they want to use their applications for. Certain content filters will also remain active to detect misuse of the AI ​​results.

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