“Microsoft is working on all-in-one in the Surface series”

According to multiple sources, Microsoft is working on an all-in-one PC that bears the Surface brand name. With the device, Microsoft would aim for a place in the living room, among other things by giving it a ‘modern’ appearance.

The rumors were first reported by Digitimes, which claims to have sources in the product chain. Sources from Windows Central confirm the reports, although many details remain unclear. For example, Digitimes states that the all-in-one in the Surface series should be released sometime in the third quarter of this year, but Windows Central sources say it is still unclear.

In the housing of the PhD student, images of which have not yet appeared, a processor from the Kaby Lake series should do its job. Because the availability of this new processor series is still unclear, the release date would not be fixed yet. Furthermore, it is not known which hardware Microsoft intends to use. The sources of Windows Central do state that the PhD student is intended for use in the living room. That’s why Microsoft has tried to give the device a “modern and elegant” look.

Microsoft has previously only used the Surface brand for tablets and products that are somewhere between a tablet and a laptop. Recently, the company from Redmond announced that the Surface Pro 4 with 1TB SSD will be released in the Benelux this summer. Production of the Surface 3 tablets will end at the end of this year. It is not yet clear whether these cheaper models will receive a successor.

Update: The article erroneously stated that Microsoft is ceasing production of Surface tablets. This only concerns the Surface 3. The last paragraph of the article has been adjusted accordingly.