Microsoft is going to use open source components on Windows Core OS & # 039;

Information on a LinkedIn profile of a Microsoft employee seems to indicate that the software company is using open source components on Windows Core OS, the upcoming modular basic software for Windows versions.

The information on the profile page of a Security Program Manager at Microsoft was noted by WalkingCat , who reports about Microsoft on Twitter. On his profile, the employee writes that he has helped improve the security of Windows Core OS with, among other things, machine learning and that he has improved the security of Windows Open Source Components. The man was a program manager at Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group Information Security Team, Windows Core.

MSPoweruser concludes that Windows Core OS uses open source components, but that site also does not know how to report details. Microsoft has started more and more open source projects in recent years and on a site, the company lists which software it publishes on GitHub. Recently Microsoft announced that it would base its Edge browser on the open source Chromium project.

Windows Core OS, or WCOS, seems to be a modular base for various Windows versions, according to rumors of recent years. The software has to run on all kinds of devices, whereby functionality can be added per type of device. Win32 programs would then run virtualized.

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