Microsoft integrates To Do in Outlook with new update

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Microsoft has integrated the To Do app into Outlook in a new update. As of today, To Do can be used by anyone in the Current Channel of Office 365 and is visible in the left navigation bar of Outlook.

Users who are in the Current Channel of Office 365 can download and install update 2207 for Outlook, Microsoft creates familiar. The Current Channel is the standard version of Office 365, where most users work. After the update, the To Do icon will appear on the left side of the navigation bar. The integration of To Do in Outlook was already tested by Microsoft in the beta version of the app.

The To Do integration goes beyond just being able to view your tasks within Outlook. For example, Microsoft has ensured that emails that are marked as important are automatically added to the To Do list. A daily schedule can also be made with To Do.

Many functionalities of To Do come from Wunderlist. Microsoft acquired the company behind the productivity app in 2015 and transferred several functions from Wunderlist to To Do. Wunderlist continued to exist for some time, but Microsoft eventually merged Wunderlist with its own To Do app.

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