Microsoft integrates Project and Roadmap in Teams

Microsoft will integrate the Project and Roadmap apps into Teams. This makes it possible to keep track of all projects that a team carries out from the communication app. Users can open existing projects or start new ones from within Teams.

Project was always a separate web app within Microsoft 365. The application is now integrated into Teams . This means that from now on users can start a new Project or edit an existing one directly from the Teams app. In a sidebar it is possible to communicate with other team members. It is also possible to assign roles to those team members.

Users running multiple projects can also use Roadmap. This is a tool to keep track of the status of various projects. Users can create timelines and link key dates and milestones to specific promotions. That app can also be started from Teams.

In the future, Microsoft will also add push notifications to the apps. Projects and Roadmaps require a paid subscription within Office 365. Users who do not have such a subscription can still view Projects, but only in read-only mode.