Microsoft improves security capabilities Surface Pro 3

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Microsoft has released a uefi update that makes it possible to deactivate various parts of the Surface Pro 3, such as the cameras, the wireless network functionality and the USB ports. According to the software giant, it thus responds to customer needs.

Uefi version 3.11.760.0 for the Surface Pro 3 allows a system administrator to disable the side USB port, docking ports, front and rear cameras, audio, microSD card reader, Wi-Fi, and bluetooth. Booting via the network, the so-called preboot execution environment option, can also be disabled.

Microsoft says that it is responding to specific customer needs with the new UEFI options. For example, schools want the option to turn off the camera on the Surface Pro 3 so that students are less likely to be distracted. In addition, the uefi update also offers the possibility to boot from USB devices or over a network with the pxe function without having to press the volume down button.

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