Microsoft, Google and Arm Join Bytecode Alliance – Update

Microsoft, Google and Arm have joined the Bytecode Alliance. This partnership encourages the development and adoption of WebAssembly, a code compilation method designed to make the Internet and software safer and faster.

Along with the above companies, Shopify, Dfinity Foundation, Embark Studios and the University Of California of San Diego also decided to join the organization. In the same announcement, it was mentioned that the Bytecode Alliance was being transformed into a non-profit organization. Ralph Squillace, Microsoft’s representative at Bytecode Alliance, says Microsoft is looking forward to further developing the ecosystem. “Using Web Assembly and the WebAssembly System Interface, cloud applications can become a lot safer, among other things,” it sounds.

“All of these organizations want to use the WebAssembly ecosystem to fill in the gaps in the foundations of widely used software that are preventing the industry from creating a safer and more performant future,” the organization said. Bytecode Alliance is also calling on other organizations to join.

In 2019, this non-profit organization was founded by Mozilla, Fastly, Intel and Red Hat to build ‘new software foundations’ using WebAssembly and the WebAssembly System Interface. WebAssembly is a method of compiling code on the web via bytecode. Developers can still write their code in C, C++, or Rust and then compile it into WebAssembly to ensure uniformity, security and efficiency across the web. Native programs that can become cross compatible thanks to the use of WebAssembly System Interface are also part of the future plans.

Update, Saturday May 1, 10.40: Title and article edited based on comments from jandem and lilmonkey.