Microsoft gives Battlefield and Battlefront games FPS Boost on Xbox Series X|S

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Microsoft has provided thirteen games from Electronic Arts with FPS Boost. Players can run Battlefield, Battlefront and Titanfall games on at least the Xbox Series X at 120Hz. With some games, this is also possible on the Xbox Series S.

Microsoft has expanded the list of games that support FPS Boost and Microsoft’s Larry Hryb is publishing it on his Major Nelson blog. The expansion concerns thirteen EA games. These include Battlefield, 1.4 and V, Star Wars: Battlefront I and II, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and Titanfall 1 and 2.

Not all of those games get 120Hz support on the Xbox Series S. For example, that option for higher frame rates is missing with the first Titanfall and with Battlefield 1 and V. Sea of ​​Solitude is also on the list, but it supports 60Hz playback on both consoles. That’s double the original release.

Microsoft introduced the FPS Boost feature in February to display backwards compatible games for Xbox at a higher frame rate when playing on Xbox Series consoles. In March, Microsoft already added five Bethesda games to the lineup of games with FPS Boost.

Not all games have FPS Boost enabled by default on the Series X. This is because Microsoft had to lower the resolution in those games to make the game run smoothly. Gamers can activate the boost function in those cases in the settings. Microsoft recommends installing the latest updates, followed by a reboot of the console. Details about the resolutions are not mentioned. The games use dynamic resolutions.

Games With FPS Boost Xbox Series X Xbox Series S Standard Off With Series X In Xbox Game Pass

Battlefield 1 120Hz ___ (EA Play / Ultimate)
Battlefield 4 120Hz 120Hz (EA Play / Ultimate)
Battlefield V 120Hz ___ (EA Play / Ultimate)
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst 120Hz ___ (EA Play / Ultimate)
plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 120Hz 120Hz (EA Play / Ultimate)
plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville 120Hz 120Hz (EA Play / Ultimate)
plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 120Hz 120Hz (EA Play / Ultimate)
Sea of ​​Solitude 60Hz 60Hz (EA Play / Ultimate)
Star Wars Battlefront 120Hz 120Hz (EA Play / Ultimate)
Star Wars Battlefront II 120Hz ___ (EA Play / Ultimate)
Titanfall 120Hz ___ (EA Play / Ultimate)
Titanfall 2 120Hz 120Hz (EA Play / Ultimate)
Unravel 2 120Hz 120Hz (EA Play / Ultimate)
Dishonored – Definitive Edition 60Hz 60Hz
Fallout 4 60Hz 60Hz
Fallout 76 60Hz 60Hz
prey 60Hz 60Hz
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition 60Hz 60Hz
Far cry 4 60Hz 60Hz
New Super Lucky’s Tale 120Hz 120Hz
Sniper Elite 4 60Hz 60Hz
UFC 4 60Hz 60Hz
Watch Dogs 2 60Hz 60Hz
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