Microsoft ends support for Bing Maps web pages in Edge on Windows 10 Mobile

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Microsoft has removed support for web pages with Bing Maps. Until Tuesday, Microsoft supported the Bing Maps V8 Web Control with Edge in Windows 10 Mobile, but that is no longer the case.

As a result, users who open a page with Bing Maps V8 in Edge on Windows 10 Mobile will no longer see a map, a user reported on a Microsoft forum. The support page only reports support for browsers on iOS and Android, while Google’s cache shows that Edge was still there a few days ago.

A Microsoft employee confirms on the forum the end of support and emphasizes that the Bing Maps app on Windows 10 Mobile will continue to function. Stopping support for pages with Bing Maps in the browser is notable, as Microsoft is the maker of both Windows 10 Mobile and Bing Maps. It is unknown how many major sites use Bing Maps V8 Web Control.

Stopping support fits in with a trend in which Microsoft is increasingly letting go of its mobile operating system. For example, there will only be security updates for Windows 10 Mobile and no new phones from Microsoft itself have appeared for two years.

Update, Wednesday: It was possible to conclude from the article that the web pages could no longer be opened in Windows 10 Mobile at all. Microsoft has stopped support and confirmed it, but in some cases it appears to still work.

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