Microsoft Edge gets built-in VPN via Cloudflare

Browser Microsoft Edge gets a built-in virtual private network called Secure Network. CloudFlare provides the servers and users are allowed to use 1GB per month of data traffic via the VPN at no cost, at least in the Preview phase.

The feature is now in a test version of Edge, says Microsoft. There is no option to increase the limit against payment or otherwise. In addition, users now have to enable the feature every time they restart the browser. Cloudflare processes the data, but it doesn’t appear to be a white-label version of its Warp service. After all, it works without a data limit at a limited speed and is not in the browser.

It is unknown what Microsoft’s plan is when the feature, called Secure Network, comes in the stable version of the browser. Microsoft doesn’t say anything about that. Microsoft promises that with Secure Network, all traffic is encrypted, even if it concerns HTTP sites. The service also hides the user’s location and helps against online tracking.

The idea of ​​a browser maker offering a VPN service is not new. Opera has had a built-in vpn feature in its browser for years. Mozilla does have a VPN service, but it is not in its Firefox browser.