Microsoft comes with Twitch competitor on Xbox One

Microsoft has released a first version of Beam, an application that makes it possible to stream game images so that others can watch. This puts the company in competition with Twitch, which is used by many gamers.

Beam is available to gamers who own an Xbox One and participate in the Xbox Insider Program, through which Microsoft makes early versions of software available. Gamers can set up a stream of the game they are playing, where a number of things are adjustable: it is possible to turn the microphone on or off, and it is also possible to chat or link to social media. media. Viewers gain experience points and Sparks the longer they watch.

With Beam, Microsoft is competing with Twitch, a popular video streaming service for gamers. To gain popularity, the company will collaborate with well-known YouTubers who will stream their images.

Later, all Xbox One owners should be able to access Beam. The game streaming software should also be available on Windows 10, iOS and Android. That won’t be until sometime in the spring, but Microsoft says it will provide more information during GDC 2017, which starts at the end of this month.