Microsoft changes minimum system requirements for Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft has released the minimum system requirements of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, or build 1607. This shows that the Redmond company allows OEMs to develop Windows 10 Mobile devices up to 9″ instead of 8″.

Microsoft also now allows OEMs to make tablets, laptops, all-in-ones and PCs with Windows 10 with a screen diagonal of 7″ instead of 8″. Furthermore, the minimum amount of RAM for desktop PCs has been increased from 1 to 2 GB. The operating system now requires a minimum of 16GB of storage for the 32bit variant and 20GB for the 64bit edition.

Another change to the cameras for both Desktop and Mobile is that the pixel aspect ratio has become 1:1 square from 1.0. The camera’s flash has been changed in automatic mode from ‘recommended’ to ‘required’.

The entire list of minimum hardware requirements can be found on the msdn section of the Microsoft site.