“Microsoft brings back labels under icons in Windows 11 taskbar”

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Microsoft seems to be working on the ability to place labels under icons on the Windows 11 taskbar. The option to never combine icons should also return. Both options are included in Windows 10.

Microsoft is working on both features and they appear to be in preview soon, says Microsoft leaker Albacore. Albacore also shows a video showing the taskbar with labels. The ‘never combine’ option will also return, according to Albacore. It is still unknown if and when Microsoft will announce the features. They will probably first come in the test versions for Windows 11, before they come in the stable version.

The software giant made a new taskbar for Windows 11, missing many features of the Windows 10 taskbar. These features are among the most requested to get back in the Windows 11 taskbar. Many features are still missing from the taskbar, including the ability to resize icons, resize the taskbar, and position the taskbar anywhere on the screen other than just at the bottom. Windows 11 came out at the end of 2021.

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