Microsoft Announces Windows Server 2022 Preview Details

Https and tls 1.3 are enabled by default in Windows Server 2022. The new server operating system also gets better management for VMs and better security for firmware. Microsoft has now released those details.

It concerns the upcoming version of Windows Server. Microsoft has had that in beta since last year, but details about upcoming changes and updates to the OS were not yet known. Now the company has provided those details in a blog post. It states, among other things, that the new operating system will become more secure and will have more integration with cloud platform Azure.

Microsoft says Windows Server 2022 has better security. Part of this is Secured-core, a technology that it has been using in PCs since 2019. Secured-core is firmware protection that combines Secure Boot, Trusted Platform Modules and BitLocker, among others, with software such as Windows Defender System Guard. In Windows Server 2022, that is combined with code integrity for Hypervisor, and Credential Guard from Defender is added. In terms of security, it is also new that all connections to and from the server are encrypted by default with https and tls 1.3. Also, AES-256 encryption can be applied to SMB.

Microsoft also writes that Server 2022 integrates better with Azure. For example, Azure Arc and Storage Migration Service are added. The first allows users to manage servers from a single administrator program, and the second allows files to be migrated from NetApp to Windows Servers.

There are also some other improvements, such as the ability to use Kubernetes in Containers. Containers are also getting smaller, which should ensure faster loading times, and the Admin Center is being adjusted so that administrators can customize containers. Windows Server 2022 should be released later this year, although a firm release date has not yet been announced. Users can already download a preview as an Insider.